Taos Behavioral Health (TBH) provides comprehensive behavioral health services to individuals, families and groups to support them in developing positive behaviors and making life-affirming choices.

TBH is a nonprofit organization serving the mental health needs of adults, children, families, and veterans in Taos County.

We are here for you with the largest staff of credentialed and licensed behavioral health workers in Northern New Mexico. Our counselors work across the life span of those in need of guidance and counseling.

We are here for adolescents struggling with anxiety or fears . . . for adults, children, couples, and families dealing with critical life issues. . . for LGBTQ individuals and families struggling with gender questions . . . and for veterans confronting trauma and military-specific matters.

We have grown in staff and experience, all due to the continued support from our schools, town, county leaders and our community. Thank you, Taos! Thank you for the collaboration and support.

Call us at 575-758-4297.

Taos Behavioral Health is still open! We are continuing to see existing clients as well as taking new referrals.

Our services include:

Adults: Individual Therapy, Couples Counseling, Substance Abuse, Treating Anxiety, Depression, Substance Abuse, and co- occurring problems.

Kids and Teens: Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Educational Support, Behavioral Support

We are continuing to take the necessary precautions for our staff and clients. We are offering Telemedicine, Phone services and in person services if absolutely necessary.

Please check our Blog section for more details.

Marty Hewlett is in the final stages of preparing the 4th Edition of his textbook, “Basic Virology.” The first edition, published in 1999, was by Marty and Ed Wagner, from UC Irvine. The newest edition is by Marty, Dr. David Camerini (UC Irvine), and Dr. David Bloom (University of Florida). This is a textbook aimed at an upper division university biology major. Marty and his co-authors have been interviewing researchers through the world who are working in this area. Marty did a short presentation on zoom with TBH staff & board members. Marty is a great resource, TBH is thankful for the unique opportunity to become better informed.

Check out the presentation below!