Taos Behavioral Health (TBH) provides comprehensive behavioral health services to individuals, families and groups to support them in developing positive behaviors and making life-affirming choices.

TBH is a nonprofit organization serving the mental health needs of adults, children, families, and veterans in Taos County.

We are here for you with the largest staff of credentialed and licensed behavioral health workers in Northern New Mexico. Our counselors work across the life span of those in need of guidance and counseling.

We are here for adolescents struggling with anxiety or fears . . . for adults, children, couples, and families dealing with critical life issues. . . for LGBTQ individuals and families struggling with gender questions . . . and for veterans confronting trauma and military-specific matters.

We have grown in staff and experience, all due to the continued support from our schools, town, county leaders and our community. Thank you, Taos! Thank you for the collaboration and support.

Call us at 575-758-4297.

Taos Behavioral Health is open! We are continuing to see existing clients as well as taking new referrals.

We are continuing to take the necessary precautions for our staff and clients. We are offering Telemedicine, phone services and in person services if necessary.

As of July 2020, the Nurturing Centers transitioned into the hands of Taos Behavioral Health. The Nurturing Center is housed within Enos Garcia Elementary.

The Nurturing Center provides students with the following school-based services: *Social and Emotional Support *Connection to Counseling services and other community services *Activities focused on building positive relationships

The Nurturing Center is partnered with teachers, administrators and other school staff in order to: *Identify students and families in need of additional supports and services. *Plan classroom and group activities to improve emotion identification and regulation, understand the impact of trauma on academic achievement, and improve mindfulness and learning readiness.

Please contact Siena Sanderson with any questions. Phone: 575-770-8675 Email: s.sanderson@taosbehavioralhealth.org